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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How I Spent My Friday Evening

When my boyfriend moved in, I had to make room not only for his stuff but for his 7 year-old daughter’s stuff too. I took the room that was my office and turned it into a bedroom for her. I moved my office into the spare room that contained all of my scrapbookking things and my meditation corner. Only one word describes that room now: crammed.

I’ve been trying to get my new office/scrapbookking/meditation room in order for months. It's funny how quickly things can go when you're motivated (although you don't always want things to go quickly when you're motivated about some things, right?). For now, I have my mediation cushion in the bedroom. Sidebar: I got the cushion in deep purple (ha - that's a double entendre!) so it purposely wouldn't blend into the other colors in my room. I want it to stand out so I see it, so I don't lose sight of it, so I remember to use it. Yeah … right …

You see, sometimes I get tunnel vision. I focus so intently on the things right in front of me that when I turn around I see something else and say, "Oh yeah – I forgot about that." Does that ever happen to you? It seems that the more we have to stimulate our brains and senses, the more we scurry to try everything, to do everything, to see everything. Exampli gratia …

Making dinner? That's great. Set the timer and forget about it until the buzzer reminds you to check on it. So while you're waiting, you're going through the pile of mail sitting on the corner of the table. You separate the bills from the junk mail. You toss the junk into the garbage can, but wait! That's a cute outfit on the cover of that catalog! You pick up the catalog and flip through it, turning the corners of the pages with things you might consider buying after you see how much you have left at the end of the month after your bills are paid. Oh, the bills! You take the bills over to the desk and set them where you'll remember to pay them. You see a note you wrote to remind you to send a check to school for the yearbook. Darn, better do that now before you forget. So you sit down and write the check. Hmmm … let's go pack the lunches for tomorrow (you can put the check next to the lunch bag so the kid won't forget to take it). You get the lunch bags and stuff them with everything but the sandwich that you will make after dinner. Dinner? Crap … how long has that buzzer been going off? Your mind starts racing, your heart pounding – is it burned? You run over and see that everything is okay. Thank goodness!

That's how I am – constantly. Doing ten things at once, running from one thing to another. I'm trying to slow it down a bit, trying to cut out the unnecessary things or things that can wait for another time. Focus! Along with that I'm trying to bring more calmness into my life. I've gotten much better at that. I don't get all hyper if something is out of whack – I address it and deal with it. It makes the day so much better.

Friday was a good day. I got a few things in order in one room and made a mess in another. But it's all good. Life is good.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twilight, The Gift of Fear, and more ...

My son's girlfriend got me interested in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I don't have a lot of time to sit and read, so I chose the audio versions of the books. I have to admit I got sucked into the stories, although I was getting a little irritated by Ms. Meyer's constant use of some words (e.g., glowered, incredulous, and Jacob's "sure, sure"). The books kept me hooked through Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse ... but Breaking Dawn is, well, odd.

I could see a teenager getting totally absorbed by the first three books, but what happens in book four is a little much for a younger girl, in my opinion. I was surprised by the turn of events. Sure, I'm continuing listening (I'm on CD number 12 today). I want to know how Breaking Dawn will end. And I'm very curious how much longer Ms. Meyer can continue with the saga until it gets absolutely ridiculous. I've seen that happen before where good things are rolling along but the author gets to a point where there needs to be some form of closure and then - BANG! The reader is left with an incredulous (LOL) ending. I hope Bella and Edward don't find themselves in something less than what they both deserve. You see, I like those characters and hope the story ends before they become unlikable.

When I do have a few minutes to actually sit down and read, I'm tackling The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. This book was recommended by someone who came in to my company last month to speak about work place violence. I think the book will be as valuable to read as The Sociopath Next Door. I wish I had read that book years ago - might have prevented some unfortunate circumstances I went through a few years ago. Live and learn, right?

I actually downloaded my first book to my iPod a couple of weeks ago -- Beyond the Goal - Theory of Constraints. That's a cool concept, to be able to switch from music to books. I know there's so much more I can do with my iPod, but one step at a time.

I'd love to see a Kindle in action. Any first-hand comments on how that device is? I'd love to hear about it.